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Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuits Surge Amid Growing Dental Health Concerns

Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit

For those of you who don’t know, Suboxone is a drug or medicine that is meant to help people who are addicted to opioids. It cuts down on cravings and stops other painkillers from getting you high. Suboxone comes in different forms, such as strips that you put under your tongue and let dissolve. Of late, though, these strips have been linked to major dental problems like tooth decay. A lot of people are suing the company that made the drug, Indivior, saying that they didn’t tell people about the teeth risks. And that is why many people are now in search of how to join the Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit.


The Bad Side of Suboxone

You see, Suboxone has been linked to a number of serious tooth problems. Tooth decay is the biggest problem; many people have reported having a lot of cavities and major tooth damage. This often makes them feel bad about themselves because their teeth hurt and look bad. Though, tooth erosion is another issue. This is when the enamel on the teeth goes away, leaving the teeth more open to cavities and pain. Also, suboxone can make your mouth dry, which lowers the saliva that keeps your teeth from decaying. Not just that though, people also report gum problems, such as inflammation and periodontal disease, and even broken teeth, which require painful and pricey dental treatments.


The Proof and Research Related To Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit

More and more proof shows that Suboxone can cause problems with your teeth. A lot of patients have reported major teeth problems, which has helped bring more attention to the drug’s side effects. Suboxone makes your mouth dry because it stops your body from making saliva. Saliva is very important for keeping teeth from getting cavities. These claims are backed up by studies. Another study from 2022 found that people who use Suboxone were more likely to have teeth problems than people who used other opioid use disorder drugs.


Lawsuits Over Suboxone

The cases against Indivior say the company did not give users enough information about the risk of getting very bad tooth decay. The plaintiffs say that Indivior knew or should have known about these risks but didn’t tell them enough. In the eyes of the law, this is a case of product responsibility and failure to warn. There is a time limit in each state, usually between 2 and 6 years, on when these kinds of cases can be filed. People who are affected must check their state’s deadlines to make sure they file on time.


What’s Going On Now?

A total of 205 cases involving Suboxone and tooth decay are still being heard in the Northern District of Ohio as of May 2024. It’s possible that this rise is because more people know that Suboxone can cause dental problems. There are still talks going on about how to tell the difference between general causation (Suboxone generally causes dental problems) and specific causation (proving Suboxone caused dental problems for specific claimants). The court is also thinking about a tolling deal that would let people file lawsuits later, giving plaintiffs more time to look into their cases.


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