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Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Details Revealed and How to Claim Your Share

Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, then you must know what went down in the Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit, right? Well, it was a few years ago, but the settlement amount regarding this lawsuit was recently made public. Let’s get to know about the details of this lawsuit in a better way.

How It All Started
See, when you receive your phone bill, imagine being surprised by additional charges. Many Verizon Wireless customers experienced precisely that. But why? Well, these additional costs, sometimes referred to as “administrative charges,” seemed to appear overnight. These fees, which appeared on their accounts without any explanation, seemed unjust and unethical to many. That’s when a class action lawsuit against Verizon was brought about by this issue and it covered the years January 1, 2016, through November 8, 2023. The primary complaint or allegation in this Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit was that these costs were included in monthly plans without prior notice to the clients aka the customers. Fed up by this whole drama, customers filed the lawsuit in New Jersey, where Verizon’s headquarters are located.

Details Of The Lawsuit
The basic issue in the complaint was that consumers felt scammed or tricked by Verizon’s addition of these unexplained administrative fees to bills. People were furious because these fees weren’t included in the plans’ quoted prices. Because the fees weren’t made apparent during the transaction or the billing process, the lawsuit said this was dishonest. Verizon, however, would not waver, insisting that they had always made these charges clear in their contracts, billing statements, and marketing materials.

The Big Settlement
So how does it turn out? Well, you see, Verizon settled this claim for a whopping $100 million. Though, from the very beginning, Verizon only wanted to resolve the allegations, this does not imply that they engaged in any wrongdoing. Impacted clients aka customers are to be compensated by the settlement. You might receive a payout based on the length of time you have been a Verizon customer and the number of legitimate claims submitted. Every customer can receive up to $100. If you agree to this settlement, though, you are barred from suing Verizon for the same problems.

How to Receive Your Settlement Share
Would you like to know how to receive your share of the settlement? Well, it is quite simple, really. You qualify if you paid those bothersome administrative fees between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023. You have to submit a claim to be paid, simple as that. See if you qualify by visiting the official settlement website. Compile your Verizon account information and some personal information on the claim form. Make sure you send in or submit this form by April 15, 2024, as both are options. Miss the deadline, and you won’t get any money from the settlement.

In the end, you see, Verizon must pay $100 million overall. It will differ how much each customer receives. Depending on the length of time they have had service and the amount of legitimate claims they have filed, eligible customers will get at least $15 and maybe as much as $100. The additional costs that were levied to individuals will be covered by this reimbursement. Though, Verizon still continues to deny any misconduct pertaining to these administrative expenses, notwithstanding its agreement to pay.

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