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Berkey Water Filters Face Lawsuit Over EPA’s Pesticide Classification

Berkey Water Filter Lawsuit

The Berkey, one of the biggest water filter companies in the US has recently been accused of some serious allegations regarding their water filters. And eventually, this led to the Berkey Water Filter Lawsuit, which we are going to cover in this post. We’ll go over, how it started, what went down, what it is a big deal for you (the customer) and what was Berkey’s response to it all.


How It All Started?

See, recently, a trusted water filter, used by many for over two decades, suddenly gets labeled as a “pesticide” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That sounds a bit catchy, isn’t it? Well, this is the very thing that shook up everything for the Berkey, officially known as New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL), back in 2022. But what exactly happened? Well, out of nowhere, the EPA decided these water filters were more like bug killers than purifiers. This led to stop-sale orders slapped on vendors and distributors, and as you can already guess, it disrupted Berkey’s operations and sales dramatically. In response, NMCL wasn’t just going to sit this out, they launched a legal battle, arguing that the EPA’s sudden reclassification skipped essential legal protocols and notification requirements.


The Main Legal Claims and Allegations

Indeed, this lawsuit goes far beyond the puzzling action of the EPA. You may be unaware of the key details of this Berkey Water Filter Lawsuit, but now, as a customer, you are pretty skeptical about the Berkey Water Filters, aren’t you? Well, that’s what this lawsuit has led to. It has come to light that consumers are questioning how effective such filters actually are, and what dangers they may be carrying. To compound the drama, Berkey is accused of false advertising. Specifically, it is claimed that Berkey’s filters are over-marketed in terms of safety and effectiveness.


The Courtroom Showdown

Berkey didn’t just stand by watching. Nah! They filed a comprehensive lawsuit against the EPA, challenging the bizarre label of their filters as pesticides. But what was their argument? Well, they intended that the EPA completely dropped the ball on following the required steps outlined in the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). And yes, Berkey even pushed for an appeal, insisting that the District Court overlooked critical aspects of their argument. All in all, they want to overturn the initial lawsuit’s dismissal and take another chance at the EPA’s questionable reclassification with proper evidence this time.


What’s Really at Stake Here?

At the core of this legal case is the EPA’s ruling that Berkey’s water filters fall under the same regulatory standards as pesticides. To which Berkey responds that their filters work by mechanically trapping contaminants, not chemically zapping pests. And this very thing has been the standard in the industry for way too long now, and that’s why this doesn’t come close to justifying the pesticide label.


Then, there’s the controversy around whether the filters actually work and are safe. A number of users have expressed disappointment that the filters fail to sufficiently clean water or might even be dangerous to one’s health. These complaints form a cornerstone of the lawsuit, taking issue with Berkey’s claims of the water filtration device’s effectiveness, competence, and purity.


Simply put, if Berkey loses this clash, the repercussions could be extensive. As you can already guess, if found guilty, this company will have to pay a huge fine, and yes, there will be recalls of their questionable products, which will lead to even more losses.

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