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Disney Water Slide Wedgie Lawsuit Sparks Major Safety Concerns and Legal Battles

 Disney Water Slide Wedgie Lawsuit

You may have heard of the recent Disney Water Slide Wedgie Lawsuit, but do you actually know what happened? Well, Emma McGuinness visited Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon water park on October 14, 2019, to celebrate her 30th birthday with her family. Searching for some excitement, she chose to slide the fastest and highest slide in the park, the Humunga Kowabunga, you know? Riders may zoom down this slide’s 214-foot plunge at rates up to 40 mph. Unlike many other slides, there are no tubes or rafts, riders must cross their ankles to prevent damage.


For Emma, though, things went disastrously. She felt agonizing pain as she slipped quickly down. What happened is that the water’s force had severely “wedgie” her swimsuit between her legs by the time she reached the bottom. Among the major injuries suffered in the incident were vaginal lacerations, damage to internal organs, and a terrible full-thickness laceration that caused her bowel to show through her abdominal wall. Emma was driven straight to the hospital for treatment.


Why She’s Suing Disney?

Claiming carelessness, Emma McGuinness has sued Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Disney gave little notice of the ride’s hazards, particularly with regard to women’s extreme Wedgies danger. According to the lawsuit, Disney ought to have provided shorts and other protective gear to stop similar injuries. And right now, Emma is seeking at least $50,000 to pay for her medical bills, pain, and suffering. The lawsuit also notes that Disney’s safety policies were insufficient and failed to adequately alert visitors, especially women, about the possible hazards.


How Did Disney Respond To All This?

See, as usual, Disney has remained quiet about Emma’s complaint thus far. The Humunga Kowabunga slide is touted on their website as a thrilling ride with a steep drop in the dark and they suggest riders to cross their ankles to lower injury chances. There is no explicit warning, though, regarding the possibility of extreme wedgies or the unique hazards to female riders.


Other Legal Battles and Safety Concerns

You see, Emma’s case is not unique either. On the same Humunga Kowabunga slide Laura Reyes-Merino also received major injuries. Laura passed out on May 11, 2024, after repeatedly hitting the surface of the slide. She was then diagnosed with brain damage after her fiancé and mother discovered her limp at the end of the journey, and yes, Laura is suing Disney as well, demanding damages of more than $50,000.


All in all, these incidents highlight the possible risks associated with several attractions in an amusement park and beg significant issues on industry safety regulations. If these lawsuits, like this Disney Water Slide Wedgie Lawsuit, favor the plaintiffs, Disney, and other parks may be compelled by them to adopt more stringent safety protocols and give visitors better knowledge regarding possible hazards. Sure, the victims of this case and other victims from similar cases have suffered greatly, both mentally and physically. But there are kinda mixed reactions from the public. Some are going all out to support them, whereas, some are stating that it was the fault of the people who chose to go on such dangerous rides.

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