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Eden Prairie Dentist Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Harmful Treatment

Eden Prairie Dentist Lawsuit

Eden Prairie, Minnesota’s dental world has been hit by a big lawsuit. And those who already fear paying a visit to a dentist would definitely be even more scared after this Eden Prairie Dentist Lawsuit. But why exactly? Well, you see, Dr. Kevin Molldrem of Molldrem Family Dentistry is being sued by Kathleen Wilson. She says her serious injuries and disfigurement were caused by his careless dental treatment. And if you haven’t followed up with this case yet, then do not miss out on the details of this case that we are about to share. Alright, here we go now.

What’s the Backstory Of This Eden Prairie Dentist Lawsuit?

Since almost 20 years ago, Dr. Kevin Molldrem has been running Molldrem Family Dentistry in Eden Prairie. With 4.7 stars from 450 Google reviews, the clinic had a great reputation. Though, its once-great reputation has been harmed by this lawsuit.

The Incident And Main Allegations

Kathleen went to see Dr. Molldrem in July 2020 for dental work. She had four root canals, eight dental crowns, and twenty fillings all in one visit that lasted about five and a half hours. Concerns about safety were raised when Dr. Molldrem gave a large amount of anesthesia, reportedly more than what was suggested.

In his lawsuit, Kathleen, which was filed in Hennepin County District Court, says that Dr. Molldrem did not provide adequate care. She says that the harsh treatment plan hurt her a lot and made her look bad. She also says that Dr. Molldrem didn’t make a good care plan and lied in the medical papers about the anesthesia that was used.

Expert Opinions

An American dentist named Dr. Avrum Goldstein took part in the case. He said that Dr. Molldrem was right about the diagnosis, but the treatment wasn’t very good and didn’t take Kathleen’s general dental health into account. He didn’t like the idea of fixing all of her dental problems in one long session, saying it was silly and cruel. Dr. Goldstein also said that too much anesthesia was used, that’s for sure.

What Happened Next?

After the work was done, Kathleen went to see other doctors for help. The University of Minnesota Dental School tried to fix the damage in 2022. Kathleen might still need all of her teeth replaced with implants, so the first treatments were useless and expensive.

There was first a lawsuit in December 2023. Kathleen’s claims are backed up by Dr. Goldstein’s report from November 2023. She wants more than $50,000 in compensation for her medical bills, pain, and suffering. The case is still open, and Dr. Molldrem and his lawyers haven’t said anything in public yet.

Public and Professional Reaction

A lot of people are interested in the lawsuit, which is bad for Molldrem Family Dentistry’s image overall. Patients and dental worker groups are paying more attention to the clinic. There are now worries about the clinic’s care quality and safety, which has hurt its once-positive reputation.

Kathleen Wilson wants more than $50,000 to pay for her medical bills and make up for her stress and pain. What happens in this case will have big effects on Kathleen, Dr. Molldrem, and the dental community as a whole.

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