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Hermès Birkin Bag Lawsuit Alleges Unfair Sales Practices and Antitrust Violations


Hermès Birkin Bags Lawsuit

Hermès, a legendary French luxury brand, is known for its high-end fashion items, particularly the Birkin bags, you know? These bags, named after actress Jane Birkin, are symbols of wealth and status, often priced over $100,000. Recently though, a lawsuit was filed against Hermès, saying that they were selling these highly sought-after bags in an unfair way. But what was this Hermès Birkin Bags Lawsuit all about? Let’s find out.


Overview of the Lawsuit

So, a lawsuit against Hermès was brought in California in March 2024 as a class action. It is said in the lawsuit that Hermès forces people to buy other things before they can even consider buying a Birkin bag. This is called “tying,” and it is seen as unfair and might be against the law under antitrust rules, which is pretty understandable. According to the lawsuit, two unhappy customers said they had to spend a lot of money on other Hermès items just to have a chance to buy a Birkin bag.


What’s Hermès Being Blamed For?

According to the lawsuit, Hermès used Birkin bags to get people to buy other things, like shoes, scarves, belts, and jewelry. That’s the main bit. The claimants say that Hermès salespeople are led to upsell other items to people who are eager to buy Birkin bags because they don’t get paid commissions on Birkin bags. On top of that, the lawsuit claims that Birkin bags are not shown off in shops or on the internet. Only customers who have spent a lot of money at Hermès can see them. This makes the bags feel even more exclusive and makes people want them even more. The plaintiffs argue this practice unfairly forces customers to buy unnecessary items to prove their loyalty and spending power to Hermès.


The Legal Lowdown Of This Hermès Birkin Bags Lawsuit

Two main legal claims form the basis of the lawsuit. Firstly, it says that Hermès is breaking antitrust rules, more specifically the Sherman Act and the Cartwright Act. The goal of these rules is to stop businesses from abusing their market dominance to hurt rivals, you know? The people who are suing say that Hermès is abusing its power over Birkin bags to make people buy other goods, which is unfair and hurts competition. Though, in the second part of the lawsuit, the Unfair Competition Law of California is discussed to show that unfair, illegal, or dishonest business practices are not allowed. Plaintiffs say that Hermès’ sales practices are unfair because they put pressure on customers to buy extra things they may not want.


So, What’s The Hermès’ Side of the Story?

See, Hermès hasn’t said much about the lawsuit in public yet. In the past, Hermès has defended the way it sells its goods by saying that they are handmade and only available from the company itself. The company says these things are why their unique way of selling and high prices are fair. And they push the narrative that they aren’t the only brand doing this, there are other luxurious brands that opt for the same tactics.

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