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How to Handle Midland Credit Management Lawsuits and Settle Debt Effectively

Midland Credit Management Lawsuit

Well, for those of you who don’t know, you see, Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a business that buys old bills at a lower price from credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions. What was their main goal? To get the original borrowers to pay back the full amount. Recently, a lot of people have been searching for Midland Credit Management Lawsuit to see if they are the only ones to get into a legal fight with this company, or if there are other lawsuits as well. Let’s find out.


See, Midland Funding LLC is one such company that is part of Encore Capital Group and is known to buy a lot of debt in the U.S. So what does this company actually do, and how does this debt-buying thing work? Well, they buy old bills from banks and credit card companies. And keep in mind though, when Midland Funding buys loans, Midland Credit Management does the grunt work to try to get the money back. MCM calls people who owe money and tries to get them to pay. They have legal backing too, like they could go to court if that doesn’t work.


How It Works to Buy Old Debts?

See, in the United States, as of right now, there is no law against buying and selling old bills. If the seller can’t get you to pay, they may sell your debt to get rid of it. Midland Funding comes in and buys these debts for very little money. For example, one $1,000 loan could be bought for as little as $40, and that’s not just for the talks, there have been many instances where such companies have done that. But these companies are usually after basic information like names, addresses, and amounts due, but they do it to make money, you know?


Legal Troubles and What’s Been Going Down With The Midland Credit Management Lawsuit?

Midland Funding and Encore Capital Group have both been in trouble with the law over and over again. Remember that? For example, a lawsuit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in 2018 for shady debt collection methods cost them $79 million. In the same year, 42 states and D.C. sued them as well, and a $6 million deal was reached. In 2022, they had to pay $12 million in Massachusetts for taking unfair actions.


How to Fight Back Against Midland Funding Lawsuits

Pay attention if Midland Funding sues you. If you don’t respond to a lawsuit, you could be hit with a default ruling. How to deal with it: First things first, you should respond quickly. To escape a default judgment, make sure you answer the lawsuit by the due date. To make things work in your favor, you could say that the bill is too old (the statute of limitations) or that Midland doesn’t have enough proof that you owe the money. To help you get through the court system, you might want to hire a lawyer who specializes in debt collection cases.


It’s also a good idea to send Midland Funding a Debt Validation Letter. They are asked to show proof that you owe the money and that they have the right to get it back in this letter. They might back off if they can’t.

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