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How One Woman’s Nightmare at the Dentist Brought Up Molldrem Family Dentistry Lawsuit To Headlines

Molldrem Family Dentistry Lawsuit

We all are already scared of dentists, and then news like this breaks out, how would you feel? Well, you see, recently, a woman named Kathleen Wilson filed this Molldrem Family Dentistry Lawsuit against Dr. Molldrem claiming that back in December 2023, the dentist conducted more than 30 treatments on her during a single dental visit, leaving her scarred and in excruciating pain. Let’s see the details of this case a little better and try to understand why this matters to you all. Here we go.

The Basics

Hennepin County District Court is hearing a case brought by Kathleen Wilson against Molldrem Family Dentistry and Dr. Kevin Molldrem. Dr. Molldrem’s shoddy dental treatment, according to Wilson, caused him serious harm. She claims he is permanently disfiguring her and causing her excruciating pain because of his acts.

What Went Down

When Kathleen Wilson made an appointment at Molldrem Family Dentistry in July 2020, that was the beginning of it all. In only one five-and-a-half-hour visit, Dr. Molldrem completed four root canals, eight crowns, and twenty fillings. Cramming all these operations into one visit, according to Kathleen, was careless and hazardous.

Expert Opinions

After reviewing Wilson’s case, dental specialist Dr. Avrum Goldstein had many things to say. Kathleen did have severe dental decay, he acknowledged, but he questioned the wisdom of doing everything at once. It would have been preferable, he said, to go more slowly and carefully. The over and unnecessary dosage was another red flag that Dr. Goldstein pointed out. Serious health concerns were posed to Kathleen by Dr. Molldrem, who gave him 960 mg, nearly twice the permissible maximum of 490 mg.

What Were The Serious Allegations Made In This Molldrem Family Dentistry Lawsuit?

Dr. Molldrem is accused of several serious things in Kathleen’s case. She asserts that she suffered mental anguish in addition to physical disfigurement and chronic pain as a result of his careless work. She also claims he hid the fact that she had too much anesthetic as shown in her medical documents.

Bigger Issues at Play

Concerning dental ethics and patient safety, this case really brings up some serious concerns. Dr. Molldrem may not have adhered to conventional protocols, according to Kathleen’s allegations, which put her in danger. It is a major ethical violation to fabricate vital medical records, which are of the utmost importance. Dr. Goldstein and other specialists emphasize the need to adhere to acceptable limits for anesthetic dosage, even if the American Dental Association (ADA) does not have rigorous recommendations on the matter.

What Happened Next

Kathleen sought advice from more dentists after her appointment with Dr. Molldrem. Repeated inspections uncovered persistent problems, such as deterioration. She attempted to repair and replace much of Dr. Molldrem’s work in 2022 while spending several months at the University of Minnesota Dental School. According to Dr. Goldstein, all of her prior dental work will have been for naught if her issues persist and she needs implants for every tooth.

Current Legal Battle

The lawsuit involving Kathleen has not concluded as of December 2023. To compensate for her pain and medical bills, she is requesting a minimum settlement of $50,000. Both Dr. Molldrem and his attorney have been silent over the matter thus far.

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