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Ozempic, The Diabetes Drug Sparking Controversy and Lawsuits

Ozempic Class Action Lawsuit

Mostly used to treat type 2 diabetes, Ozempic, also known as Semaglutide (if you want to get real technical) is nonetheless, guess what? Yes, it’s also a trendy choice for weight loss. Although many have had excellent outcomes, others have experienced extremely severe adverse effects that have led to a flood of legal actions against the company that makes this drug. And yes, that is precisely what has led to this famous Ozempic Class Action Lawsuit. If you aren’t aware of the details as well as what is going on with this case right now, then you shouldn’t be missing out on this post. Here we go.


Developed by Novo Nordisk, Ozempic received approval for type 2 diabetes control by the U.S. FDA way back in 2017. However, it was by 2021, a higher-dose form known as Wegovy entered the market for weight control among individuals with at least one additional weight-related health concern. And no wonder people went crazy about it, so much so that there was a scarcity of this drug back in 2023.


Why Are People Suing?

Once reports of unpleasant side effects emerged, the lawsuits began to flow like crazy. The main one is gastroparesis, in which case nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort result from weak stomach muscles struggling to transport food along correctly. Additional problems connected to Ozempic include gallbladder disease and even suicidal thoughts.


Legal Action Now Under Action

Many chose to sue Novo Nordisk as more individuals became aware of these negative effects. Later down the line though, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation merged all federal Ozempic litigation under the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in February 2024. While every case is unique, this way of doing things actually simplifies the process, you know? And yes, one high-profile example is Jaclyn Bjorklund’s, who alleges Ozempic caused her serious and permanent harm.


All in all, these lawsuits mostly accuse Novo Nordisk of not adequately or properly alerting consumers about the possibility of major gastrointestinal problems including gastroparesis. The plaintiffs put specific emphasis that the business either minimized or omitted the seriousness of these adverse effects, therefore affecting doctors’ choices to prescribe the medication.


What’s Happening Now?

Currently under U.S. District Judge Karen Marston following the death of prior judge Gene E.K. Pratter in May 2024, the legal processes are still in progress. The litigation is in the discovery stage as of 2024, in which case both parties are compiling proof. Creating a plaintiff fact sheet with comprehensive information on their medical history and injuries is part of this also.


What Did Novo Nordisk Say About All This?

Well, as you can guess already, Novo Nordisk has a strong stance and they say that they did give sufficient notice of probable gastrointestinal adverse effects. They believe these negative effects are indicated on the drug’s warning label and are typically moderate and short-lived.


What Are Plaintiffs Seeking Anyway?

Those suing pursue several kinds of payback. This covers therapy connected to their gastrointestinal problems’ medical costs, pain and suffering compensation, and punitive damages meant to penalize Novo Nordisk. The figures fluctuate, but keep in mind that one serious case within this lawsuit can easily seek anywhere between $400,000 and $700,000.

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