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Taco Bell Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Misleading Mexican Pizza Ads


Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Lawsuit

Just recently, Taco Bell (one of the biggest fast-food restaurant companies in the USA) was sued in the Eastern District of New York by a customer named Frank Siragusa on July 31, 2023. Claiming that Taco Bell’s advertisements were misleading, Frank was rather dissatisfied with his purchase. He made allegations against this restaurant company that the Mexican pizza, Crunchwrap Supreme, and Veggie Mexican pizza he purchased only included half the amount of beef and beans that were stated in the advertising. This is what we now know as the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Lawsuit, and let’s get to the details of it, shall we?


What’s The Meat of the Matter? (Pun Intended, A 100%)

Taco Bell’s ads are kinda misleading, according to Frank’s claim. He says that the photos of their meals display far more ingredients than what is really served to clients. Like, as per the advertisements for Crunchwrap Supreme and Grande Crunchwrap, the meat and other ingredients appear to be stuffed into the wraps, which is supposed to attract more customers and buy these particular dishes. Frank, on the other hand, claims that the actual amount in the promoted items is only around half.


And as you can already guess, the current state of inflation makes this matter all the more pressing. Taco Bell, according to Frank, draws in customers who are trying to maximize their meal budget by advertising large amounts. He thinks it’s unfair and misleading if those claims aren’t true, since then people will waste their money on empty calories, you know?


The Legal Battle

This Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Lawsuit being a class-action one, it stands for more than just Frank. it can very well represent all New York Taco Bell consumers who bought the same meal from Taco Bell at that time. Any New York resident who shopped at Taco Bell for Mexican Pizza, Crunchwrap Supreme, or any of the other meals listed could be eligible to participate in the lawsuit as of July 31, 2020.


All Frank is requesting that the court order Taco Bell to cease their deceptive advertising practices and rectify them so that customers can see the actual portion sizes. To top it all off, he wants Taco Bell to pay back or somehow recompense everyone who purchased these meals.


Taco Bell’s Response and Recent Legal Issues

Taco Bell has chosen to remain silent regarding the lawsuit for the time being. Though, keep in mind, dealing with legal matters is nothing new for them recently. For example, Taco Bell’s “Taco Tuesday” trademark was the subject of a recent legal dispute, and that was just a few months ago. According to Taco Bell, the phrase ought to be freely usable by all parties involved, not limited to a single firm. And guess what happened next? Yes, they eventually won that battle when the other company gave up their trademark claim.


This lawsuit will for sure have a massive impact on the Taco Bell company itself as well as its customers, like you and me. Let’s see what verdict comes out of this particular lawsuit, so, just stay tuned.

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