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Michael Oher’s Legal Battle Over “The Blind Side” Profits

The Blind Side Lawsuit

For those who don’t know, well, the 2009 movie “The Blind Side” is about Michael Oher, an NFL player who went from being poor to being wealthy. The movie was a hit, but the real-life story has become more difficult, especially since Michael Oher and the Tuohy family have been in court recently about the Blind Side Lawsuit, you know?


Michael Oher’s Journey

The lead in “The Blind Side,” Michael Oher, used to play football in the NFL. Before he met the Tuohy family, he was having a hard time because he was homeless and didn’t have any stable family support. When he was in high school, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took him in. That changed his whole life. He had a safe place to live, which helped him do well in school and sports. This friendship and how it helped Oher do well in professional football are shown in the movie.


What Does A Conservatorship Even Mean?

The Tuohys put Michael Oher under their care in 2004. Because of this legal deal, they could make legal and financial choices for him. Oher says he didn’t fully understand what a conservatorship was and thought it was like adopting a child. In contrast to adoption, a conservatorship does not take away the biological parents’ rights. Instead, it gives the conservators responsibility over the person’s life. Oher says that the Tuohys were able to control his money and business deals because of this conservatorship, which he wasn’t aware of at the time.


The Legal Battle

Michael Oher went to Tennessee in August 2023 and sued Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. He wants the conservatorship to end and to know how much money his name and story have made, especially from “The Blind Side.” Oher says the Tuohys lied to him about their plans and how they would handle their money, saying they made a lot of money from the movie while he got nothing. He says they used his story to make money, and he wants them to pay him back.


The Tuohys say they didn’t do anything wrong and that they shared the movie profits evenly with their family, which includes Oher. They say Oher didn’t start asking for money until after his NFL career was over. The Tuohys also say Oher tried to get $15 million from them, and they showed text messages to the court to back up their claim.


Money Matters Of The Blind Side Lawsuit

“The Blind Side” made over $309 million around the world, even though it only cost $29 million to make. Based on what the Tuohys say, the gains were split evenly among the family, with Oher getting about $138,000. Oher says this isn’t true, saying that he didn’t get his fair share and that the Tuohys made a whole lot of money off of his story.


Where Things Stand Now

A judge in Tennessee stopped the conservatorship in September 2023. Oher had sued to get rid of the conservatorship. But the fight over the money keeps going. Oher is still in court asking for money and a full report of how much money was made from his story back then. The Tuohys want the court to turn down Oher’s request for a temporary injunction because they say they did what was best for him and shared the gains fairly.


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