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Inside the Controversial World of the Twin Flames Universe

Twin Flames Universe Lawsuit

You might have seen a lot of people talking about the Twin Flames Universe (TFU) group or cult everywhere, and they have been in the headlines pretty recently. You see, it was Jeff and Shaleia Divine who started this group, which has drawn a lot of interest particularly with the Netflix docuseries “Escaping Twin Flames.” This Netflix show actually went to show us the customs of the society as well as what allegations were made against the founders of this group or cult. And if you don’t know what actually led to this Twin Flames Universe Lawsuit and what went down, then keep on reading.


What’s the Deal with the Twin Flames Universe?

You see, Twin Flames form the central theme of TFU’s lessons. Consider it as every person having a flawless soulmate reflecting their own spirit, you know? Well, that’s the whole concept. However, keep in mind that this idea is not fresh, it has existed in societies including Hinduism and Greek mythology. And just so you know, the genius behind TFU are Jeff and Shaleia Divine, also known as Jeff Ayan and Shaleia Plante. They tied the wedding knot in 2016 and first connected virtually in 2012.


How Does TFU Actually Operate?

See, with several services, TFU promises to help you locate your twin flame. Through “mirror exercises” and other techniques meant to help readers link with their twin flames. But the most controversial thing about the way they operate is one such practice, where they even go as far as to encourage someone to change their sex in order to match with their soulmate. For many, this has caused great psychological and emotional hardship. On top of that, sometimes TFU’s lessons inspire members to pursue their twin flames no matter what, therefore underlining their need to modify fundamental components of their identity.


The Big Controversies and Allegations Surrounding Twin Flames Universe Lawsuit

As you can already guess, with many controversial and kinda taboo practices, over the years, TFU has been under some really major allegations. Former members and their families have publicly discussed coercion, financial exploitation, and psychological manipulation. Many felt under financial pressure from being pushed to spend large sums on TFU’s goods and services. Though, Jeff and Shaleia deny any wrongdoing despite these strong accusations, they argue their followers engage voluntarily and their methods are moral.


Legal Battles and Investigations

Civil litigation and criminal investigations are among the legal challenges facing TFU right now. Jeff and Shaleia sued former members and their families for trademark infringement and slander in February 2020, these lawsuits were dropped in 2021. And yes, following many claims of unethical behavior, police began looking into TFU. Not one criminal charge has been brought against Jeff and Shaleia in spite of all the media coverage and public indignation. Though, the FBI assumed control of the inquiry to look for federal criminal activity, although as of yet no charges have been leveled or released to the public.


The popularity of this cult, a group of whatever you want to call it, grew like crazy on social media, especially after Netflix made a dedicated show on it. Though, it is on the viewers how they take it.

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