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Lawsuit On Barbara O’Neill, The Naturopath Who Risked Lives with Dangerous Advice

Barbara O'Neill Lawsuit

Barbara O’Neill? Have you heard of her? A big case put her in a lot of trouble because she is a well-known naturopath and nutritionist. If you don’t know why she is involved in a lawsuit, which we now know as the famous Barbara O’Neill Lawsuit, and what is really going on, then keep on reading. We are about to share some key details of this case, here we go.

First Of All, Who is Barbara O’Neill?

Barbara O’Neill says that she is a nutritionist and naturopath. There are health spas in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales in Australia where she has worked. She was well-known for her health books, YouTube videos, and talks she gave around the world, you know? Seems all well and good, right? But here’s the catch: it turned out she didn’t have any official health credentials or positions in any recognized groups.

Why This Barbara O’Neill Lawsuit Even Started?

The New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) got a lot of reports about Barbara O’Neill from October 2018 to January 2019. These reports led to an investigation into how she did things. People were worried about the cancer treatments she suggested, the foods she said babies should eat, and her general health tips.

What Did the HCCC Find?

The HCCC’s probe turned up some shocking facts. Barbara O’Neill wasn’t qualified or affiliated with the right groups to give the advice she was giving. Even worse, it turned out that her advice was wrong and dangerous. For instance, she told people with cancer to skip chemotherapy and use bicarbonate soda instead, saying that it would fix the cancer. She also said not to use antibiotics or get vaccinated, pushing medical ideas that have been shown to be false.

The HCCC decided that Barbara O’Neill could never again provide any health services based on what they found. This means there will be no more talks, consults, or free or paid health advice. The ban is meant to keep people safe and healthy from getting her bad advice.

Specific Incidents and Misconduct

One of the main issues was about the food she suggested for babies. She offered a diet that could hurt or kill a baby very badly. When asked to explain her advice, she said it came from her own experience and that she had never read the official rules for feeding babies.

What she said to cancer patients was also a big deal. She told people that bicarbonate soda wraps and probiotics could help them get better from cancer, but she didn’t show any proof. Her advice often made people less likely to follow through with tried-and-true medicines like chemotherapy.

In addition, Barbara O’Neill told women who were pregnant not to take antibiotics for streptococcus B (Strep B) infections. She said this because she believed wrongly that no baby had ever died during birth from Strep B. In fact, Strep B can be very dangerous, but antibiotics can treat it well.

The Bigger Picture

The medical world wasn’t happy, for sure. Healthcare workers stressed how important it is to follow medical practices that have been shown to work. Even the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists made it clear that O’Neill’s advice about Strep B infections was very dangerous.

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