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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Lawrence & Associates


Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Lawrence & Associates

Have you ever given personal injury laws any thought in importance? For those harmed by someone else’s errors, it quite literally changes everything. If you have injuries, a smart attorney can help you avoid being burdened with medical bills and other expenses or receive what you need, you know? And that’s the very reason you must know about the Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Lawrence & Associates which comes in here at that very point to save you from financial burden as well as mental toll. Let’s find out what they do, how they do it, what is in it for you, and things like that.


Background Of Lawrence & Associates

Lawrence & Associates started in 2005 with an obvious goal: to provide Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati with first-rate legal services. Though, they center on disability applications, workers’ comp claims, and personal injury lawsuits. Their fundamental objective is to help clients negotiate the complex legal landscape or scene and maximize their compensation for injuries.


What’s Their Strength?

Lawrence & Associates take on a broad spectrum of problems. In personal injury, they cover everything from automobile and truck accidents to motorcycle wrecks, slip and fall events, wrongful death, and product liability. For example, they got $775,422 for a guy suffering a unique neurological ailment from his employment and clinched a $950,000 payout for a lady murdered in an automobile accident resulting from road spillage.


However, regarding workers’ comp, they make sure customers receive the necessary medical care, pay replacement, and survivor’s benefits. They also enable wounded clients to return to work. Should you be seeking disability benefits, they walk you through the application and appeals procedure to guarantee you receive what is due.


All in all, at Lawrence & Associates, the legal eagles are driven mostly by client advocacy. Among the important players are whiz in personal injury law Justin L. Lawrence and worker’s comp and disability claim guru Meagan L. Tate. Simply put, clients here are assured a 100% excellent representation based on their combined experience.


Lawrence & Associates think that things should be simple for possible clients. They provide free first consultations so you may talk about your problem without paying anything. They operate on a contingency fee basis, so you pay only should your case be won, you know? This guarantees that, regardless of financial status, everyone may obtain professional legal assistance.


Here Are Some Of Their Successful Stories

Sure, this law firm’s outstanding case performance shows its capacity to manage difficult personal injury claims. For instance, they settled $3.5 million for another guy caught between cars and $4 million for a man hurt by construction equipment, therefore facing serious injuries. These victories show their talent for getting significant payback and most importantly, JUSTICE.


All in all, many people have a lot of questions concerning personal injury claims; Lawrence & Associates are here to answer them. They go beyond Ohio’s statute of limitations, which usually allows plaintiffs two years to launch a personal injury case. They also explain comparative negligence, in which case, even if you are partially at blame, you can still be entitled to damages claims if it is less than 50%.

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